Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Govt to release 5 residential sites


In line with efforts to ramp up housing supply, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) are releasing three residential and two executive condominium (EC) sites this month, which are expected to yield another 2,880 more units.

The HDB released a residential site in Bishan Street 14 and an EC site at Punggol Field Walk/Punggol East under the confirmed list; while the URA has released two residential sites (Parcels C and D) in Tampines Avenue 10 under the reserve list.

Another EC site located at Sembawang Crescent/Sembawang Drive will be put up for tender on 30 October.

The Bishan site has an area of 11,227.8 sq m and could yield around 645 units. Offered on a 99-year lease term, it has a maximum allowable gross floor area (GFA) of 55,016.22 sq m and a gross plot ratio (GPR) of 4.9. The tender for the site closes on 29 November.

The 14,307 sq m Punggol EC site will generate approximately 435 units. It has a maximum GFA of 42,912 sq m with a GPR of 3.0. The site tender closes on 6 December.

The EC site in Sembawang will yield about 650 homes. The 21,717 sq m plot will allow a maximum GFA of 60,807.6 sq m.

Meanwhile, Parcels C and D in Tampines will offer 680 and 470 units respectively. Parcel C has a site area of 22,190.8 sq m and a maximum GFA of 62,135 sq m, with a GPR of 2.8. Parcel D measures 15,660.4 sq m and offers a maximum GFA of 43,850 sq m and GPR of 2.8.

Both sites are within an established residential area and enjoy access to nearby amenities.

Source:HDB InfoWEB

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