Monday, October 08, 2012

Amy Cheong says sorry for Facebook post

SINGAPORE: The woman who posted offensive comments on her personal Facebook page on Malay weddings at void decks said she's terribly sorry.

Ms Amy Cheong said in a statement on Monday that she's aware of the pain she has caused through her insensitive remarks on social media.

She said: "Please see me as a person offering my most sincere apology."

Ms Cheong said there was no racism intended in her posts.

She said she was trying to rest and the noise was affecting her greatly; and she understands that this was not a valid reason to post the comments.

She added that she was wrong and repentant.

Ms Cheong said as soon as she realised how it has affected Singaporeans, she promptly took down her posts and apologised through Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Ms Cheong, who was an assistant director of the Membership Department in the National Trades Union Congress, was sacked on Monday, a day after she made her posts on Facebook.

Social media experts have also weighed in on the incident.

Many said Singaporeans should be extra careful on what they post online, as it could lead to unfavourable consequences.

Director of Singapore Internet Research Centre at Nanyang Technological University, Professor Ang Peng Hwa, said: "In this case because the community reacted, in a way she has been punished. Because people sort of know now, this lady probably wouldn't be hired for a frontline job. We will continue to have such incidents in the future. I guess, a lesson here is you should be careful what you post online."

Ms Cheong's posts also led to netizens expressing frustration over her insensitive comments.

A page called "Fire Amy Cheong" was even created before 9am on Monday.

And after it was announced that she was sacked by NTUC, hundreds commented on Channel NewsAsia's Facebook page.

The public also expressed similar frustrations to her comments.

A netizen said: "It's quite vulgar - the words that she used. I think we shouldn't tolerate this kind of nonsense."

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