Monday, September 10, 2012

What you can expect from the next iPhone

Apple's next iPhone announcement has been set for September 13 at 0100 (GMT +8) and no doubt, you're quite eager to find out more about the handset. Our sister site CNET will be hosting a live blog, so do check back here on how to tune in.
But here's what we are expecting to see on the iPhone 5 (Apple's teaser invite hints at the name) based on the leaked rumors. Further down below is a scorecard you can also use when watching the live event. We won't be surprised if they turned out mostly true. Feel free to also use it as a checklist for your own Apple announcement drinking game.

First up, the 4-inch display. The Cupertino company's iPhone 4S has been lagging behind its competitors who have much larger screens, and the if leaks are true, the new iPhone 5 will come with a longer display while still sticking with the same width. It's not the 4.3-inch or the 4.7-inch screen some may be hoping for, but it's likely better than the dated 3.5-inch size of the current iPhone.

This leads us into the next part, the new form factor of the iPhone 5. With the bigger screen, it's no surprise that the new iPhone will require a new chassis, and Apple could have designed one to be longer, and slightly thinner. If the leaked photos are true, it will look like the current iPhones in both shape and design, though there are slight tweaks such as an all-metal backplate.

A rumor about a new, smaller 19-pin dock connector is likely to be true, as well as talk about a new nano-SIM card. We aren't sure why Apple may be switching the position of the 3.5mm audio jack to the bottom next to the new dock connector, but we're guessing this is likely correct as well.

It's a no-brainer that the handset will be running on iOS 6, which brings to the table features such as the new Maps app, the Wallet app as well as beefed up older apps. Expect to also possibly see a new feature that's exclusive to the latest iPhone (like how Siri was for the iPhone 4S).

On that note, we're thinking that Apple may give NFC capabilities a pass. It doesn't seem like it will happen, though the company may yet surprise us. LTE, or 4G, should appear in the next iPhone, though whether it will just be for US networks only (which runs on a different frequency in most parts of Asia), or compatible with Asian LTE bands, too, remains to be seen.

Lastly, we haven't heard any rumors about the iPhone 5's camera, which means Apple may yet have something new up its sleeves, though we're confident enough to guess that it won't be similar to the recently announced Nokia Lumia 920's "floating lens technology".

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