Monday, September 03, 2012

Upper Changi residents rally against new housing project

The development of a cluster housing project on a 1,600 sq m site in Toh Drive has irked residents of a private estate in Upper Changi, with many concerned that the project will create parking issues.

The petition, which was presented to Mohamad Maliki Osman, MP for the area and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), garnered 100 signatures from 85 of the 110 households in Toh Estate.

With the number of houses built along the streets, the estate’s roads are narrow; hence residents are worried that the new development might pose additional problems.

Jerry Chia, a resident at Toh Drive, said he does not want the estate to be overcrowded like in Serangoon Gardens and Kovan.

Moreover, residents are concerned that the project could make way for other developments in the neighbourhood which will likely change the character of the low-rise estate.

However, the URA does not believe that the project will cause parking problems as the developer intends to provide 18 parking spaces for the eight homes.

“Together with the Land Transport Authority (LTA), we have assessed that the existing road network can support the proposed strata landed housing development without causing undue congestion,” said a URA spokesman.

Chris Koh, Director at Chris International, said that while the petition is valid, the development is unlikely to be stopped as it has already been approved.

“Perhaps a balance can be struck,” he noted, suggesting that authorities will ensure such housing projects won’t expand across the estate.

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