Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saga over S$20 million bungalow continues

Singapore’s High Court yesterday ruled that 88-year old Chan Yuen Lan is mentally fit to make personal decisions in her suit over a S$20 million bungalow disputed by her husband, See Fong Mun, reported AsiaOne.

“I've seen witnesses who are younger than this one who can’t testify as well as she does,” said the judge after hearing Madam Chan’s testimony.

Earlier reports said that Madam Chan decided to revoke her 86-year old husband’s power of attorney for the expensive bungalow, bought back in 1983.

Mr See paid for the property but it was bought under his wife’s name. Upon purchasing the property, Madam Chan signed a document allowing her husband to manage the property on her behalf.

However, Madam Chan revoked Mr See’s authority to manage the property and allowed her younger son and daughter to make decisions on her behalf instead.

Mr See feels that his wife’s decision is invalid as she does not have the mental capacity to make such a decision. He also believes that their younger son persuaded her on revoking his power of attorney. 

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