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Call for R&D Proposals on Sustainable Urban Living

6 September 2012
Call for R&D Proposals on Sustainable Urban Living

 The Ministry of National Development (MND) has announced an inaugural call for new and innovative research proposals on increasing land capacity and providing a highly-liveable built environment, with the aim of sustaining Singapore’s long-term economic growth while enhancing the quality of life for Singaporeans.
The projects will be funded under the MND Research Fund’s Sustainable Urban Living Research & Development (R&D) programme which was first launched at the Urban Sustainability R&D Congress in June 2011. The programme aims to invest in innovative solutions which support the development of Singapore as a liveable and resilient city in a sustainable manner.    

Mr Tay Kim Poh, MND’s Deputy Secretary (Development) said, “Over the past decades, despite land constraints, we have worked towards developing Singapore as a liveable and sustainable city. As we strive towards future growth, there will continue to be demand for land for various uses, such as housing and infrastructure, and at the same time, ensuring that Singapore continues to be a vibrant, liveable and resilient city. Scientific advancements offer new ways for us to achieve our goals in sustainable urban living. Through R&D, we hope to seek new innovative solutions that can make optimal use of our limited land and sea resources so that we can develop in an environmentally-responsible manner for our people.”
The call for research proposals focuses on the following key areas of R&D.  These areas were mapped out by the Sustainable Urban Living R&D workgroup, after engaging stakeholders such as industry representatives, as well as the research and scientific community.   

Increase Singapore’s land capacity to sustain long-term growth
- Creating new space cost-effectively, and optimising the use of limited land such as expanding the use of underground space, new reclamation methods or alternative spaces.
Develop Singapore into a vibrant, liveable and resilient city

- Enhancing the living environment through integrating greenery and ecosystem services; improving physical comfort through designs and technologies for daylight, natural ventilation, and air quality; and enhancing liveability through innovative ways of deploying new community, social, and other public services.
The MND Research Fund will offer funding support of up to three years, and capped at S$2 million per project. Proposals will be evaluated based on various factors, such as technological/innovation merit, application potential, relevance in Singapore’s context and economic impact.  Selected projects will be reviewed by MND and announced next year.

This call for proposals is open to researchers in all local public sector research organisations, universities and polytechnics, and Singapore-based companies or companies with operations in Singapore. The closing date for submission of proposals is 31 October 2012. More details can be found at

Issued by:      Ministry of National Development

About the MND Research Fund

With sustainable development identified as a strategic focus for Singapore, the MND Research Fund was established in 2007 to provide funding support for collaborative research in urban sustainability, to enhance the quality of life in the built environment, while developing Singapore as a distinctive global city and in a sustainable manner. Two strategic clusters, namely the Sustainable Urban Living and the Green Building R&D Programmes, have been identified as key focus areas under the MND Research Fund.

About the Sustainable Urban Living R&D Workgroup
The Sustainable Urban Living R&D Workgroup comprises 16 government agencies, and is co-chaired by the Urban Redevelopment Authority and Housing & Development Board. Formed in 2009, the aim of the Workgroup is to develop an R&D programme on planning and developing a sustainable and liveable city. Through the Sustainable Urban Living R&D programme, the Workgroup fosters collaboration between research institutions, professional bodies, industry, and the public sector, as well as build up long-term research capability, to address key challenges that cities will face in the future.

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