Thursday, September 06, 2012

A unique approach to property marketing

One real estate company has come up with a unique way to overcome the enormous challenges all agents face in grabbing the attentions of prospective property purchasers.

SpotBlue, a U.K. agent that specialises in Turkish real estate, has commissioned a poem to promote one of its luxury properties in Bodrum.

Julian Walker, Managing Director of SpotBlue, told
: “The property is a stunning house in Bodrum and was worthy of something a little special. I felt a poem would also put an extra spin on the marketing.”

The property itself is a four-bedroom, three-bathroom villa with views of Bodrum Castle and the bay. The 520 sq m property is furnished and is on the market for £2,172,418 (S$4,303,593).

Walker added: “I hope the poet, a young lady from London, will write a few more for me.”

The marketing initiative has clearly been a success with media coverage being generated in Europe and, now, throughout Southeast Asia.

Hilltop Heaven, by K. Main.

For a holiday home which is second to none
With breathtaking views all around
Bodrum Castle and Black Island off to one side
And Aegean Sea to surround.

There’s Halicarnassus Wall steeped in the past
Gumbet Beach and Greek islands as well
Bodrum Harbour’s not far, just a minute or two
Does this property not ring your bell?

The villa is big, with four bedrooms inside
And three of them bathrooms en suite
The kitchen is large and superbly well built
With all of your needs there to meet.

And if one of you wants to be off from the rest
There’s a separate house just for you
Or if they are working, this could be for staff
So they’d have their privacy too.

The property stands on a large private plot
With stone walls to keep it secure
The CCTV means you’re always in touch
And from mobiles can watch to make sure.

The large private pool is strategically placed
By the house, just a stone’s throw away
There are sun decks and shady spots, suiting your mood
And a tree house where children can play.

There is space for your car in a garage enclosed
And outside there’s more if you wish
There’s a roof terrace too so your thinking is through
It’s alfresco dining – how swish!

A unique opportunity, you must agree
This villa is simply sublime
So if you are interested, call on Spot Blue
And they’ll happily give you their time.

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