Friday, August 31, 2012

Water features becoming popular among homeowners

More Singaporeans are incorporating pools and water features in their homes, to relive the ambience of holiday resorts they have visited.

Eugene Ooi, Founder of Vantage Design, said: “Singaporeans these days are becoming even more well-travelled than before, oftentimes paying top dollar to stay in five-star resorts where water features are almost guaranteed.”

“And when they do up their homes, they instantly recollect the relaxing, feel-good feeling of those visits and try to bring back a little of the magic to their homes,” he added.

According to Yeong Weng Fai, Associate Director at DR Green, the latest developments in hydraulic technology now make installing water features more affordable.

“Water features are no longer a 'rich man’s' item; anyone can install them,” said Allan Wang, Associate at DP Architects, adding that these features “now come in a wide range of forms and sizes to suit individual needs”.

Wang noted that the majority of Singaporeans looking to install water features are landed property owners, condominium residents and HDB dwellers at an estimated ratio of 5:3:2 respectively.

High-end condos and landed homes usually have lap and dipping pools as luxury features as they “are built from scratch where structural provision can be catered for to accommodate the high loading capacity, compared to HDB flats where the building comes pre-fabricated for habitation”.

The cost of installing a 25-m lap pool is approximately S$60,000 while the price of the filtration system is S$25,000.

For non-landed homes, the standard DIY “fish-pond” type of water features are the most popular, where a rectangular or square fibre-glass tub is filled with water and covered with granite pieces for a natural look and has a sculpture where water flows down creating a soothing sound.

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