Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tiong Seng contracted for phase 2 of SIM's HQ campus

Tiong Seng Holdings Limited won an S$137 million contract to build the second phase of Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) HQ’s campus extension.

Scheduled to commence this month, the project includes extensions to SIM’s existing Linear Building and Multi-Purpose Sports Hall, and is part of SIM’s S$300 million “Campus Development Master Plan” which is expected to double the size of its campus by 2014.

Under the contract, Tiong Seng will build a nine-storey extension to Linear Building, a four-storey Multi-Purpose Hall, two levels of basement carparks, aside from renovating the existing SIM HQ campus building.

Once completed, the project would generate 35,500 sq m in gross floor area (GFA) to the current SIM HQ campus building.

“This is an exciting yet challenging project because it involves construction of new buildings attached to existing buildings in a well-populated student campus. It will require meticulous planning,” said Pek Lian Guan, CEO of Tiong Seng Holdings Limited:

Tiong Seng will then adopt new technologies to “achieve the target standards in green construction, buildability and construction excellence.” For instance, the proprietary patented Cobiax construction technology will be adopted to reduce concrete usage while enhancing green buildability substantially.

The new contract is expected to boost Tiong Seng’s order book by S$1.43 billion for the next 12 to 30 months.

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