Friday, August 31, 2012

Teachers, education support staff get pay rise

SINGAPORE: More than 26,000 teachers and about 500 education support staff in several grades will receive a salary increase with effect from September 1, 2012.

The Education Ministry said the adjustments will ensure that the salaries of its Education Officers (EOs) and Allied Educators (AEDs) keep pace with the market and commensurate with their roles and responsibilities.

The teachers in various General Education Officer (GEO) and Senior Education Officer (SEO) grades will receive an eight per cent salary increase.

GEOs can expect an pay rise of up to S$550 in their gross monthly salaries, while SEOs can expect an increase of up to S$830.

The Allied Educators (AEDs) in various grades will receive salary adjustments ranging from five per cent to 15 per cent.

AEDs can look forward to an increase of up to S$700 in their monthly salaries.

Eligible officers will receive the salary adjustments from the September 2012 payroll onwards.

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