Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More conflicting information surfaces in trial of Seah Hock Thiam

SINGAPORE: More conflicting information emerged on day two of the trial involving Esun International's President Seah Hock Thiam.

This comes as prosecution witness Lian Beng Group chairman Ong Pang Aik,54, took the stand for a second day in the trial.

45-year-old Seah is accused of abetting his driver Mohamad Azmi Abdul Wahab to get someone called "Salami Badrus" to take the rap for Mr Ong's traffic offence.

Seah is also fighting a similar charge of abetting Mohamad Azmi in August 2009 to find a "Rosniwati Jumani" to take the rap for another friend, Mr John Ho Ah Huat, the former CEO of Scorpio East Entertainment.

In the morning, Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Christine Liu sought to replace parts of Mr Ong's testimony in court with statements made previously to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) during its investigation.

The move follows Mr Ong's contradicting evidence.

When asked by DPP Liu if he remembered stating in the CPIB statement that he told Seah not to find someone to take the rap for his parking offence, Mr Ong said he remembered.

But minutes later, when the question was repeated, Mr Ong said he did not recall.

Mr Ong also did not recall telling CPIB officers that Seah had told him he would speak to his friends from the Traffic Police to waive the demerit points.

He also could not remember stating to the CPIB that Seah had helped him waive the demerit points and that he had to pay the fine of S$120.

In the afternoon, during quesitoning by defence lawyer Selva K Naidu, Mr Ong told the court that even though he was fined S$120 and given three demerit points for the parking offence, it would not have inconvenienced him as he has a chauffeur.

Mr Naidu went on to ask if accumulating three demerit points was consequential when he had a clean record.

Mr Ong replied that it was not.

He also told the court that there was no business dealing between him and Seah and that the accused did not stand to gain for getting substitutes to take the blame.

Mr Ong also told the court that he did not know of any reason for Seah to get substitutes to take the rap for the traffic offences.

The trial continues.

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