Thursday, July 26, 2012

Microsoft Surface to cost at least US$1,000?

If these prices are accurate, the cheapest Surface would be two times that of the iPad.

Microsoft's Surface tablets have been generating plenty of buzz despite a big question mark over their pricing. The company has maintained that prices of its new slates will be "comparable to competing ARM tablets and Ultrabook laptops".

Microsoft's coyness has led to much speculation--DigiTimes reported that the the cheapest, ARM-based Surface would be priced above US$599, which would be more expensive than the iPad. However, the latest rumor appears to indicate an even more inflated pricing for these Windows 8 tablets.

According to the prices displayed on a Swedish Web site, the least expensive model starts at 6,990 kroner, which works out to be around US$1,000 according to current exchange rates. And it goes up to around US$2,150 for the top model. Even if one is to factor in the higher cost of living in Sweden, this disparity seems quite large--the highest-end iPad costs at most 7,195 kroner on the Swedish Apple Store.

While the Windows 8 Pro version of the Surface with its Core-i processor appears to be an alternative to Ultrabooks, the Windows RT-based Surface is seen as an iPad competitor. At these prices, this seems unlikely to happen.

Microsoft has declined to comment on the accuracy of these prices. The Surface tablets are expected to be launched later this year when Windows 8 becomes available.

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