Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Amazon to launch several Kindle tablets?

Could there be a wave of Kindle Fire tablets from Amazon this summer?

We have previously heard rumors of a Kindle Fire 2 launch in July, but according to the president of US retail chain, Staples, it's not just a single model. Instead, the company is working on "up to five or six" new slates of varying sizes, including a 10-inch version.

While there are no other details about the availability and price, it's likely that we'll see something from Amazon before the end of the year. The Kindle Fire had a great start last year, but sales of the 7-inch slate have fallen off earlier this year. The tablet also faces new competition from Google's Nexus 7, which is just as affordable while having more features.

It would be quite a surprise if Amazon does have that many different new tablets up its sleeves. Only Samsung has that kind of breadth in the tablet scene with models that have 7-, 7.7-, 8.9-, and 10.1-inch screens.

However, Amazon has been expanding its US research and design center in recent months and has hired a number of hardware and software engineers. While the increase in staff numbers could be due to these new slates, it's also possible that they were hired for the rumored Amazon smartphone.

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