Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why buy an island when you can buy an Atoll

If you have the money and want your own private island, you’re spoiled for choice with options from around the world, but it’s rare that an entire private atoll is made available to private property buyers and investors.

A complete island atoll in French Polynesia (pictured), west of the Tuamotu group in the Pacific Ocean, has just come to market. It is situated 562 km (300 nautical miles) northeast of Tahiti and is surrounded by powder white sand.

The shape of the Taiaro Atoll is more or less circular, and it’s about 5 km in diameter. The land is almost completely covered by vegetation surrounding the lagoon, which becomes in effect a deep salt water lake as it has no passage to the ocean.

Its beaches consist of fine or coarse sand, interspersed with deposits of coral and shell detritus and occasional sediments of old conglomerate rock. The bottom of the lagoon is covered with extremely fine white sand. The outer reefs show a wide range between the sheltered western slopes where the coral fauna is rich. It is a private freehold property with a small house on the atoll.

Boasting a land size of approximately 1.482,57 acres along with the lagoon of approximately 2.965,14 acres, this private atoll can be yours for EUR6.9 million (S$11.1 million).

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