Thursday, June 14, 2012

Treasure Island up for grabs

For the price of a top end mass market condominium in Singapore you could be the new owner of Isla de Coco, a 24.8 acre private island in the Pacific Ocean.

The storybook island, part of the country of Panama, is surrounded by tropical waters and boasts fine sandy beaches, dense vegetation, rocks, caves and dramatic views. According to legends the substantial Treasure of Lima is buried on the island however previous owners have failed to find it.

The island lies in the Pacific Ocean within the Pearl Archipelago. It may be secluded but it can be easily and quickly accessed. It is just 10 minutes by boat to the main island Isla del Rey, where there is a good tourist infrastructure and an airport.

The best part, arguably, is the price. Agents Vladi are marketing this idyllic treasure ssland for US$695,000 (S$890,000).

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