Friday, June 15, 2012

Siri will have international location services in iOS 6

Siri users in the US have had access to location-based services since the application launched last year. Elsewhere around the world, however, that hasn't been the case. But iOS 6 will change that.

Reddit posters using iOS 6 living abroad reported today that when they tried to use Siri for location-based service, like finding a restaurant nearby or locating a gas station, it worked. Killian Bell over at Cult of Mac confirmed those claims, saying that he tried it out with iOS 6 in the UK. However, Bell reported that it wasn't as accurate as he would have liked.

The feature was mentioned briefly among a list of additions to Siri as part of iOS 6 on Apple's keynote earlier on Monday (skip to the 79:42 mark). The software changes goes out to users with the public release of iOS 6 in the fall, though developers have had access to it for the past four days.

So far, only those living in the UK and Australia have reported being able to use the location-based services. As Apple said while unveiling iOS 6 at WWDC earlier this week, the updated software is now "optimized for 15 countries around the world," and can understand more languages.

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