Monday, June 25, 2012

Licences of 6 tobacco retailers revoked or suspended

SINGAPORE: The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has revoked the licence of one errant tobacco retailer and suspended the licences of five other retailers for selling tobacco to underage youth.

Kutub Sultan Trading, a tobacco retail outlet at Commonwealth Avenue West, will no longer be allowed to sell tobacco products from June 25 as its licence has been revoked.

The outlet was caught by HSA inspectors for blatantly selling cigarettes to a 14-year-old youth in school uniform on February 17. The errant seller was also convicted in court and fined S$2,000.

Five other tobacco retailers have had their licences suspended for six months starting from June 25. They were found selling tobacco products to underage youth.

The sellers working in these retail outlets who were found guilty of the offence were also convicted in court.

Four of the five sellers were fined S$2,000. As for the fifth seller, the case is pending further court action as the individual has absconded.

HSA said it takes a serious view of the use and illegal sales of tobacco products to underage youth and will enforce this prohibition stringently.

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Source From Channel News Asia

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