Friday, June 22, 2012

Apple's Singapore iOS App Store now charging in SGD

 The iOS App Store in Singapore now charges in the local currency, but price points now look very confusing.

Apple's App Store has been accepting payments in US dollars since its inception, but things are starting to change. The Cupertino-based company has been rolling out gradual changes to its payment system as of last year, where it switched the payment currency in China to the renminbi(RMB).

Now it seems like the company is also rolling out the change to Singapore. Other Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Taiwan have also made the switch, though we aren't sure if these had already been changed earlier. The Malaysian and Indonesian versions of the App Store still appear to be displaying prices in US dollars.

However, we aren't sure if this is a good thing--Google has been doing this with Google Play, but while the change may be positive (you'll now know exactly how much you're paying), it could be very confusing for users who are used to US$1 increments (i.e. US$0.99, US$1.99, US$2.99 etc).

Update (June 22 1500 GMT+8): The Singapore Mac App Stores are also now using Singapore dollars. Bryan Lee (@bryandmlee) did some maths and found that the conversion rates are not consistent. At the US$2.99 price point he says (which he left out in his handy graph below), it's the "worst so far at S$1.3311".

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Source From CNET

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