Tuesday, May 15, 2012

LTA to get powers to run Bus Services Enhancement Programme

SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Transport on Monday proposed amendments to the Land Transport Authority Bill to allow the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to execute the Bus Services Enhancement Programme.

The first reading of the amendments were tabled in Parliament on Monday.

The Ministry of Transport said the programme, which will commence this year, will involve LTA contracting bus operators to expand public bus capacity significantly over the next 5 years

The proposed amendments are required to confer on LTA clear functions to contract with bus operators to provide bus services to deliver the programme.

The changes to the Act will also facilitate the setting up of a Bus Services Enhancement Fund (BSEF) as a new statutory fund under LTA.

The purpose of the fund is for the government to set aside money to fund the commitment for the Bus Services Enhance Programme and provide transparency and accountability as to the use of the money.

Finally, changes to the act confer on LTA functions to provide financing measures to the Public Transport Operators.

The government had announced two bus financing measures during the 2012 Committee of Supply (COS) debate on the Transport Ministry's budget.

First, a portion of the revenue received from bus shelter advertisements will be channelled to the public transport operators (PTOs).

Second, the leasing and land-related costs for all bus depots and bus parks will be taken over by government.

The bill's amendments will be debated at a next sitting of Parliament.

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Source Form Channel News Asia

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