Thursday, May 10, 2012

From a garage to a French chateau

Our story last week about a London garage which is being sold for a whopping £525,000 (S$1.05 million) made front page news around the world.

But at the other end of the scale, what kind of properties can you get for the same amount of money?

Trevor Leggett, Managing Director of French real estate agency Leggett Immobilier, said: “With exchange rates at their best levels for two years, foregoing your extra parking spot in London would get you some incredible properties in France.”

His company is marketing an impressive 19th century chateau located 20 kilometres south of the historical city of Limoges. It sits in 2 hectares of land and is close to a golf course. With a price tag of €635,000 (S$1.03 million) the agents suggest it would make a magnificent boutique hotel.

Or perhaps you'd prefer a beautiful "maison bourgeoise" with grounds running down to the river Charente. Dating back to the 17th century this house, mill and forge once supplied cannons to the French military. It has seven bedrooms, four bathrooms and a triple garage to park those obligatory sports cars. The asking price is €595,000 (S$965,000).

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