Tuesday, April 03, 2012

UK: Ample opportunities across all markets

While there has been a notable shift towards stronger markets following the uneven recovery seen across the UK, there are still development opportunities available across all markets, according to a report by Savills Research.  

The report, which identified some of the most attractive locations in the UK to invest and develop residential projects, noted that one of the key opportunities is to obtain consent in strong under-delivering markets such as Solihull, Oxford and Wokingham.

Scarcity of deliverable land with consent has been one of the constraints in those markets, which makes development prospects more appealing to those who could get land with consent up to delivery.
Amidst the shift, Savills said that it is important “to buy well then unlock latent potential to attract demand from other micro-markets.”

“There are many other markets with strong market recovery but below par levels of delivery, including Mid Sussex, Guildford and York. In London, boroughs such as Islington, Hackney and Wandsworth have delivered less than might have been expected given their market strength,” Savills added.

The consultancy also stressed that finding high-yielding investment opportunities close to the stronger markets will drive capital growth.

“The most straightforward opportunities are likely to be in the strongest markets, provided that land can be acquired at a competitive price,” noted Jim Ward, Director at Savills Research.

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