Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two cases of handphone theft at JCube shopping mall

SINGAPORE: It was a dampened opening weekend for JCube shopping mall in Jurong.

Two people had their handphones stolen.

A close-circuit television footage shows a crowded store on Saturday afternoon. A girl had forgotten her phone and left it at a counter. Not long after, a man came along and swiped it.

But she wasn't the only victim.

Ang Wei Man, a salesgirl at Sticky candy store, also had her phone stolen on Sunday.

Sticky candy store's close-circuit television footage shows a woman pushing a wheelchair and looking interested in the store's decorations.

The lady then swipes the phone and passes it to the male in the wheelchair.

Ang said: "I think I was too concentrated on my drawing, so I didn't notice that someone was beside me.

"So, I left my phone at the side of the blackboard and the lady, from the CCTV, actually put her hands over and took my phone away when I wasn't noticing.

"So after that, I sensed that someone was behind me. I turned my head over and the lady actually complimented my drawing.

"So I said, "thanks!" and then continued my drawing. So I didn't actually notice what happened."

Sticky candy store has since posted the CCTV footage on their Facebook page. They hope this will help them to identify the culprits, with the help of the public.

Both cases have been reported to the police.

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