Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Speculators blamed for "Phuket sinking" rumour

Real estate speculators have been blamed for spreading rumours that the Thai island of Phuket will sink into the Andaman Sea on April 28.

The Director of Thailand’s Environmental Geology Bureau spoke yesterday to quash the rumours. Lertsin Raksasakulwong said: "Phuket island is on a large granite rock mass foundation, which is as deep as 27 kilometres below the ground surface. Whether a big earthquake or an atomic bomb occurs, it will definitely not sink."

The island was jolted by a series of small earthquakes last week. Lertsin added that he believed that those spreading the rumours were intending to reduce land prices in order to buy property and generate a profit.

The Bangkok Post reported that Phuket governor Tree Akharadecha has already filed a complaint with police against those behind the creation and distribution of leaflets which warned Phuket residents to leave before Saturday as the island would be hit by a severe natural disaster.

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