Saturday, April 14, 2012

Samsung has overtaken Nokia in phone sales for Q1

Samsung's Galaxy S II is one of the reasons why it's now on top. How the mighty have fallen--Nokia, the previous top phone seller, is now in second place. Korean electronics giant Samsung has surged ahead with 92 million handset shipped for Q1 2012, while Nokia managed 82 million units, of which 71 million are low-end models.

The report from Bloomberg based its findings on the median of five estimates obtained through its Bloomberg News survey. Nokia had held top-spot for the last 14 years, but not any more, if the numbers reported are accurate.

Lee Sun Tae, an analyst at NH Investment and securities quoted in the report, said that Nokia's lack of "competitiveness in smartphones" would cause the company to "keep losing ground".

The Finnish company is now pinning its fortunes on Microsoft's Windows Phone OS, and its latest Lumia 900 seems to be doing pretty well on Amazon. Perhaps there is life after Symbian and MeeGo, after all.

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