Thursday, April 12, 2012

Record number of First Class UOL graduates at SIM Global Education

SINGAPORE: 117 Singapore students obtained First Class Honours in 2012 from the University of London (UOL) International Programme, making SIM Global Education the overseas centre with the largest number of first class UOL graduates.

This year, about 2,170 students are graduating from 11 degree programmes offered under the SIM-University of London partnership. Of these, 117 obtained first class honours.

The University of London said Singapore's strong educational culture has a part to play.

Professor Geoffrey Crossick, vice-chancellor of UOL, said: "What we find in Singapore that makes it a special place is a real determination to succeed.

"I know that there's a sense, a competitive career environment in Singapore, there's a determination to learn and to be successful. So I think what makes Singapore students particularly special is not just that they are bright students, but they have a determination to succeed in a way that one sees maybe less in some parts of the world."

SIM Global Education said it believes building a supportive environment is key in helping students do well.

Adjunct Professor Lee Kwok Cheong, CEO of SIM Global Education, said: "Many of those are people who, on their first try, may not get into the top universities. But when we give them a supportive environment, they actually can do very well. There are many opportunities (for them to excel).

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Source From Channel News Asia

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