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Prodigium Mobile to bring DRM-free music to Asia

Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA--You may soon be able to download fully-licensed DRM-free music to play in your car, and eventually across mobile devices of any platform and on PCs.
This online digital media service will be provided by UK-based Prodigium Mobile. CEO Bill Duvall says it will be launched "in the near future", and Clarion Mirage car stereos will be the first device upon launch to offer the ability to purchase music directly.

At a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing event today, Prodigium Mobile appointed Clarion Malaysia as its exclusive automotive licensee for the service. This means that if, like this writer, you own an Alpine car stereo (or any other non-Clarion brand for that matter), you can forget about using this service in your car.

In case you haven't heard, the Clarion Mirage is an Android-based car stereo that was announced last month. It is able to connect to the Internet via tethering through a smartphone and will probably be available by the end of this year

However, it may be possible to still access Prodigium Mobile's service in the future, even if you don't own a car with a Clarion Mirage. Duvall said that the service, once available on more platforms, would allow downloaded content to be shared across multiple devices. Over 18 million songs from the four major record labels, as well as independents, will be available for download. Duvall did not provide an estimate for prices, but said it would be priced "competitively".
(Credit: Clarion Malaysia) Upon its launch, this service could plug a gap in the music industry in Asia and has the potential to succeed where many others before have failed. Online music providers such as Soundbuzz (later acquired by MotoMusic), as well as Nokia's Comes With Music service, have failed to take off in Asia. Apple's iTunes music store is still unavailable in many Asian countries (except Japan).
Clarion Malaysia's managing director, T. K. Tan, added that the tie-up with Prodigium Mobile would also help develop Asian music talents through a "Music For Life" campaign. Not only would Clarion customers be able to download free sounds periodically, but the scheme would also record and publish selected independent artistes on Prodigium Mobile.

For more information on "Music for Life" and a preview of how the music store looks, check out the YouTube video below.

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