Thursday, April 12, 2012

New research in malaria

SINGAPORE: Local researchers at the National University of Singapore have discovered that increasing the dosage for an old anti-malaria drug is effective against parasites.

Though in its preliminary stages, researchers said this new finding will tackle the challenge of drug resistance to malaria treatment.

This was part of research presented at a series of talks on malaria at the University.

Present at the talks was Her Royal Highness, Princess Astrid of Belgium.

She is in Singapore to raise awareness of the fight against malaria, as the Special Representative to the Roll Back Malaria Partnership - a global framework for coordinated action against malaria.

Speaking at the event, Princess Astrid said that while there are solutions to prevent and treat malaria, major challenges remain.

She also said that Singapore can play a part in fighting this global disease.

"Asia accounts for the second highest malaria burden, outside of Africa. Unfortunately, we also face enormous financial gaps and emerging resistance to anti-malaria drugs," she said.

"The anti-malaria campaign may therefore suffer a setback and some of the gains we achieved may be lost. New drugs and anti-malarial tools are of critical importance."

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Source From Channel News Asia

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