Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More surveillance cameras installed to deter high-rise littering

SINGAPORE: More surveillance cameras are being installed to deter high-rise littering.

The National Environment Agency said more than 40 locations have been selected in the second phase of the project.

NEA said the high rise littering continues to be a concern for residents living in housing estates. The number of complaints in 2011 was 5,200, compared to 4,500 in 2010.

The locations were chosen after feedback showed a persistent littering problem.

NEA said a pilot project introduced last year has shown some success.

The areas were generally cleaner after cameras were installed.

The agency said cameras will only be used after a careful assessment of the situation, and added that concerns over privacy are not an issue because the cameras are angled to capture the exterior of homes.

Tan Ji Choong, director of Environmental Public Health at the NEA, said: "Our cameras are not just ordinary HD cameras. They are enhanced with video analytics to actually analyse the videos and capture those specific moments where littering has occurred. It has almost a 100 per cent success rate at capturing the act of high-rise littering."


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Source From Channel News Asia

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