Saturday, April 14, 2012

LaCie to demo Thunderbolt with Windows

The company says that it will be demonstrating Thunderbolt storage devices at the NAB Show 2012 in Las Vegas on both Mac and Windows platforms.

If you've been wondering when Thunderbolt is available for Windows, the answer is now.
LaCie, one of the two storage companies that participated in the introduction of the Thunderbolt standard, told me today that it will be showing off two Thunderbolt devices, the Little Big Disk SSD and the 2big Thunderbolt, at NAB Show 2012.

While these two devices are not new, this is going to be the first time they are demoed on both platforms: Mac and Windows. Up to now, Thunderbolt has been available only to Macs, exclusively. LaCie also revealed that the support for Thunderbolt in Windows, at least in terms of storage, will be exactly the same as that in Mac, meaning you will be able to use the same storage devices, the same Thunderbolt cable, and the same port.

It's unclear what Windows computer will be used for the demo but my guess it will be one that runs Intel's latest Ivy Bridge chipset, which is also the first from the chip maker that supports USB 3.0. If this is true, it's getting very close to the point that you can get a Windows computer that supports both Thunderbolt and USB 3.0. This also means that there's a chance future Macs will also support USB 3.0.

If you can't wait till you get one of your own to see how Thunderbolt and Windows work together, you can check out LaCie's demo at NAB Show, which starts tomorrow in Las Vegas and lasts until April 19.

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