Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jacky Wu named a witness in share price manipulation trial

TAIPEI: Taiwan veteran host Jacky Wu was on Tuesday named a witness in the trial of Taiwan entertainer Shao Xin, who was allegedly involved in a scheme to illegally manipulate the share price of a technology company, reported Taiwan media.

His involvement in two ongoing court cases - Wu had also recently been charged with fraud - has made him a regular visitor to the prosecutors' offices.

But he seemed to have retained his sense of humour in spite of his legal troubles.

"I have been a little troubled recently and unhappy. I hope to leave all these lawsuits behind and never step into a government building again.

"It's starting to feel as though I work there (the prosecutors' offices)," Wu quipped,when he met reporters during a recording session of a television show on Wednesday.

The 49-yead-old host went on to reiterate that he is merely a witness in Shao Xin's case and not a defendant.

Wu said he found it exhausting to work in showbiz and would gladly quit the entertainment industry if he finds a more lucrative gig elsewhere.

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Source From Channel News Asia

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