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iPhone 5 rumor collection

We've updated this article with rumors about the new iPhone 5. Some of the information stated will be familiar.

Instead of announcing the new iPhone in June (as it did for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4), Apple chose to announce the iPhone 4S in October. If you're hoping that Apple may switch back to June, don't hold your breath. A report is saying that the iPhone 5 will be delayed due to supply issues--Qualcomm can't make enough LTE chips for the new handset. This rumor will just not die--but it seems there are good reasons for this, especially given last year's rumors. Manufacturers had cranked out cases based on a new design, and it looks like it was money wasted as Apple chose to go with the refreshed iPhone 4S design.

However, it could be that this time around, the cases will be brought out of musty storage from the warehouses, as rumors are still indicating a 4-inch display with a unibody design. There's also talk that it will pack the A5X chip--which makes sense, as Apple has been using the iPad to introduce new processors for its iPhone line.

Early rumors that were swirling around were the first to toss around the idea of a metal back. Recently, the metal back rumor has gained some steam, thanks to Korean news site ETnews. Apparently, the material used may very well be Liquidmetal--a kind of metallic glass.

A third-party metal backing for the iPhone 4/4S. 
If you don't already know, Apple has obtained the exclusive commercial license to Liquidmetal, which is being used for the SIM ejector tool that comes with some iPhone and iPad models. It's only a matter of time until Apple brings that technology to its products and the rumor mill says the iPhone 5 will get first dibs.

According to BGR's reports late last year, the metal construction would be complemented by a "rubber or plastic material" along the sides that will bridge the front and back of the device. Made of a material similar to the 3GS' bezel, it would also cover the antenna that runs along the device.
Old rumors die hard. Reports about the new iPhone's LTE capabilities have also persisted since last year. It started when Nikkei Business reported last year that NTT Docomo would sell two new 4G LTE-enabled Apple devices in 2012.
Recently, iMore has also reported that the iPhone 5 will have a 4G LTE radio like the new iPad's.

iMore also claimed that Apple would include a smaller dock connector, presumably to make space for new components. However, we find it a little unbelievable that the 30-pin connector adorning the iPod, iPhone and iPad lines will be changed.

Update (September 06, 1700 GMT+8): We've added more rumors regarding the iPhone 5. We also expect an Apple event to be announced sometime this month and a launch date set for October 7 as previously reported. The iPhone 5's tapered edges, thinner form factor and what could be a larger screen have been revealed in a possible iPhone 5 case design. There seems to be a lot of changes made to the iPhone's form factor. We've already seen something similar in an earlier leak, but this time around, someone has managed to put together a picture gallery of the iPhone 4 and a fourth-generation iPod touch together with the case.

While no actual date has been announced by Apple, Deutsche Telekom is already accepting orders from customers and handing out coupons. It's certainly a bold move, given that Apple has not even announced a handset. We do wonder what the telco will do should Apple decide not to continue its partnership. Then again, that's an unlikely scenario. A new report from Macotakara has said that iPhone 5 assembly has begun, but the handsets have yet to be packed as the final build of iOS 5 is not ready. The phones are waiting for the OS to be loaded onto the handset before they can be shipped. The Web site also infers that the iPhone launch event will be held in early October instead with the phone being sold in Asia later that month. Either someone has too much time to make up fake documents, or the leaks are definitely real. Depending on which leak you read though, the launch may either happen early October or on October 21. This does however mean that the smartphone will only reach Asia around mid-November unless Apple decides to on a global launch date. Now, that would be something to hope for.

Update (August 17, 1700 GMT+8): We have updated the story with more rumors. 9to5mac reports that that they have independent confirmation from their sources that the Cupertino-based company will be launching the smartphone on October 7. The company is also rumored to be letting customers pre-order the handset one week earlier on September 30. Bear in mind that these are still rumors. No date has been set yet for Apple's fall event where the new phones and iOS 5 are expected to be launched. It's the one rumor that just won't die, so it could be true. Apple may be introducing two new models this time--one is supposed to be a low-cost variant to compete with the wide-range of Android devices in the market.. This model would be a slightly improved version of the iPhone 4 while the other will be the new iPhone 5.

We do have some doubts about this, as Apple normally "retires" the previous generation model to an 8GB version that it sells for much cheaper. Perhaps this strategy has not been as successful as the company hoped it would be? We'll find out for sure in a month or two.
A leaked photo has emerged from (China's microblogging site that's similar to Twitter), showing a production line of the upcoming iPhone. The photo is said to be from Wintek, a company that's supposedly manufacturing the iPhone 5's displays. If you look carefully at the picture, you may notice the elongated Home buttons, which are rumored to be used for gestures in the new smartphone. This somewhat ties in with the earlier rumor of a gesture-based handset.

Last week we saw several iPhone related rumors, and they weren't just the usual speculation from "in-the-know" analysts. One rumor in particular stood out: Purported iPhone 5 cases that hint at an upcoming redesign. Apple products have long been kept under extreme secrecy and only revealed at the company's special media events. Controlled leaks are known to happen, but the accidental leak of the iPhone 4 must have been a sore point for Apple.
So an iPhone case revealing the new form factor of the upcoming smartphone may come as a surprise to some. However, it may not be that farfetched. Manufacturers of cases usually obtain the specifications in advance in order to design and produce their products.

If the report is true, then we're actually looking at a completely new iPhone with a curved back, which may include tapered edges similar to the iPad 2.
We have our doubts on this one, but something seems to add up. We reported on this last week, and while the cloned phone is just a Java-based device that's nothing like the iPhone, the form factor seems about right to be accurate (though the pictures lack the tapered edges or the sloped back seen in casing schematics.
If seeing is believing, then the photo of a man clutching an Apple handset on the train (above) is perhaps the most compelling visual evidence that reinforces the curved iPhone 5 rumor. It was snapped by a 9to5Mac reader in California who believes he saw an Apple employee surreptitiously toting an iOS device. It was apparently unlike any Apple handset he had ever seen.
Many have speculated that the iPhone 5 may actually turn out to be an iPhone 4S--a souped-up, lower-cost variant of the iPhone 4. This makes sense, as it will help Apple compete with budget Android phones and appeal to the lower end of the market.
However, rumors that a simultaneous release of two iPhone models have taken on more momentum recently, because of the company's supposed partnership with China Telecom. If true, this will mark a departure from Apple's usual practice of releasing only one version of the iPhone at a time.
This one's a bit more realistic and believable. No iPhone was launched during WWDC, so we've been guessing it will be launched at the same time iOS 5 gets released. Well, things are also adding up, with AT&T employees being told to finish training before that period. It's less than a month away so, hold on to your horses people. It's going to be quite a ride.

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