Thursday, April 12, 2012

Intel's Studybook: Rugged, low-cost tablet

It doesn't look as sexy and slim as consumer tablets in the market, but it is a ruggedized device after all.  (Credit: Intel)
Contrary to earlier speculation, the tablet equivalent of Intel's Classmate PC isn't a 10-inch model using the Medfield platform. Instead, it's a 7-inch model powered by an Intel Atom (Oak Trail) processor. 

The reference design unveiled by the company is a ruggedized version that claims to be both water- and dust-resistant. The tablet, which at 525g is quite bulky for its size, is built from a "single piece of plastic and includes shock-absorbers around the screen" to protect it against accidental drops. Notable specs include Wi-Fi connectivity, a full-sized USB port, HDMI and an estimated battery life of 5.5 hours. 

The Studybook is meant for the education market and Intel has included software that enables teachers to create and manage content for these devices. For instance, the front and rear cameras can be configured to collect time-lapse data, possibly for science projects, and there's also an e-book reader app preloaded.  

Initially, the tablet will have Windows 7 installed, but Intel expects to have Android Honeycomb on them later in the year. While it will be built and sold by OEMs, the base models are expected to be affordably priced at under US$200.

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