Friday, April 13, 2012

Intel pushing for standard Ultrabook battery cell design

We all know that Intel wants Ultrabooks to be more affordable--the company claimed that there will be US$699 models by this summer.

This may be a reason that Intel is pushing laptop manufacturers to adopt a standard battery cell (a typical notebook battery is made up of multiple cells) design for their Ultrabooks. The company has proposed a 60 x 80mm cell design that is 16mm thin, which is slightly slimmer than the 18mm versions used on standard laptops. While even thinner designs are possible, Intel says that they are more expensive and provide less power.

Having a standard design could possibly lead to lower cost since laptop manufacturers would be able to use off-the-shelf models rather than order a custom version. Battery manufacturers could also enjoy economies of scale from building a few standard designs. It could also make it easier for tech-savvy consumers to replace their notebook batteries, though we doubt this applies to Ultrabooks with unibody chassis and non-replaceable batteries.

Intel previously set aside US$300 million to drive growth in Ultrabooks and we're likely looking at the result: Besides pushing for standardization, the company has created reference designs in a bid to encourage manufacturers to use cheaper plastic instead of aluminum chassis.

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