Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Grooming Singapore's next generation of leaders

SINGAPORE: The National Youth Council will be taking more concrete steps to groom the next generation of Singapore's leaders.

For the first time, it is targeting working professionals as a community of leaders who can advocate youth interest on national and community issues.

The new chairman of the National Youth Council, Chan Chun Sing wants to make youth activism more vibrant.

At a round-table discussion with the media, he outlined plans to achieve this.

One key initiative is to create more opportunities for youths from different professions to come together.

"We are going to start off a new platform to allow the youth leaders more opportunities to share their perspectives and find solutions for challenges, not just for their organisations but also for the country at large," said Mr Chan.

"In time to come, we hope to groom a new generation of leaders who are deep in their own professional domains but also have the breadth of perspectives across different domains."

The initiative aims to attract those aged between 28 and 35 years old.

They'll be nominated by organisations from a range of sectors.

It is understood that the National Youth Council will be working with the Singapore National Employers Federation to ensure representation of working professionals, especially from the private sector.

More details of the programme will released soon. Mr Chan said the initiative aims to reach out to a few hundred individuals. About 120 people have joined the initiative so far.

There are also plans to refresh the tenant mix at *Scape and bring in new youth organisations to develop the youth sector.

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