Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Google voting patent democratizes restaurant choices, Top Model eliminations

Let's imagine you're both fortunate enough to have nine friends and you want to take them all out to dinner... tonight! So you send them all an invitation message, but the restaurant you've picked offends half of them for some reason. You suggest something else, and the other half object, making it a drawn-out and painful process. Worse still is that all of the SMS cross-talk is going to eat into your plan unless everyone's signed up to ChatOn. Instead, wouldn't it be great if you could just text four options in a single text message and let good old-fashioned democracy work its plan-saving course? Well thanks to the patent that Google was granted today, perhaps in the future you'll be able to do exactly that. Just remember that if you always want to get your own way, make sure both your voting group and choices are heavily biased in your favor, you wouldn't want to get dragged out to the Cabbage Soup Shack by accident, would you?

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