Sunday, April 22, 2012

CHIJ St Joseph's Convent celebrates 74th anniversary with musical

SINGAPORE: 300 girls from CHIJ St Joseph's Convent have gathered to put up a musical in celebration of their school's 74th anniversary. Students and alumni have said that they are proud of the school's legacy.

Four months of preparation culminated in the musical - "Tiger Babies, The Homecoming Musical".

The inspiration for the musical's unusual title is a legend. It was said that the first CHIJ convent at Victoria Street nurtured and educated many abandoned baby girls born in the year of the Tiger.

Debby Ng, an alumnus of the school, said: "It's actually quite a special occasion because when I was in St Joseph's Convent back in 1997, 1998. I was also part of a musical to raise funds to build the school."

Candice Teow, a current student of the school, was eager to show her appreciation to the school. She said: "It's my final opportunity to (show my appreciation to) all those who have invested in me since I was in Sec One. I am really, really proud of them, because after all, I wouldn't be here today without all the sacrifices they have made."

Mrs Cecile Tan has taught thousands of students during her time at St Joseph's Convent. Though she retired 18 years ago, Mrs Tan still attends the school's events regularly and this year's musical is no exception.

She said: "Well it's the first and only school I taught in, for 35 years, and I've grown very attached to the pupils whom I've taught. They keep in touch with me, and that's a very pleasant reaction. It's good to be remembered that way, and I do remember them fondly too."

The CHIJ family, which has its roots in France, celebrates its 350th anniversary this year.


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