Monday, April 09, 2012

Chan Chun Sing on funding cuts for 3 National Sports Associations

SINGAPORE: The three National Sports Associations which were allocated the Singapore Sports Council's (SSC) annual grants in FY2011 will not receive the grants in FY2012 because they did not meet funding requirements.

Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Chan Chun Sing said two of these NSAs had not been registered as charities and did not submit their financial regulations compliance report.

The remaining NSA submitted a proposal that did not meet the priorities communicated by SSC.

He said the requirements for funding from the Sports Council are quite clear and the three NSAs should not be surprised by the council's decision.

Mr Chan was responding to concerns raised by NMP Nicholas Fang on whether these NSAs were given any forewarning before their funding was cut.

"The funding amount was announced middle of March and took effect from April 1. In fact, some of the staff were given less than three weeks notice and they were basically out of a job, so I think some explicit notification for that would help," said Mr Fang.

Mr Chan said: "SSC has been in communications with the three NSAs throughout the entire year. So they were very well aware of the steps leading up to the eventual decision.

"It is unfortunate that the respective NSAs have not communicated this to their staff nor have they prepared their staff but nevertheless, SSC will continue to work with the three NSAs to see how we can strengthen their governance and also to help them meet the respective requirements."

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