Friday, March 30, 2012

Windows Phone aims for a slice of the education pie

While classrooms in Brunei are opting for Apple's iPad as learning tools, Nan Chiau Primary an elementary school in Singapore, is looking towards Microsoft for its education needs.
As part of the WE Learn mobile education project, the Redmond-based company, together with partners Nokia, SingTel, Qualcomm as well as the University of Michigan, will provide 350 Primary 3 students and teachers with Windows Phone handsets (the Nokia Lumia 710) loaded with the MyDesk app.

The app, designed by undergraduates from the University of Michigan, lets students access assignments, Web sites, podcasts as well as other types of educational material. Updates will be provided till the end of the year. Students will also have the ability to store all their homework in the cloud through a special cloud server called the Teaching Management System, where both parents and teachers can review the work done.

According to a Microsoft spokesperson, this pilot program, scheduled to last till the end of the year, will currently only be available at Nan Chiau. There are no plans to expand this to other schools at the moment.

Besides Microsoft's software support, Nokia is sponsoring 50 handsets, while Qualcomm is providing monetary grants. Lastly, all 350 Lumia 710 smartphones come loaded with only data SIMs provided by local telco SingTel.

If you're interested in trying out the app, do note that while it is available in the Windows Phone Marketplace, you won't be able to access any of the features without a user ID and password.

Check the video below for more information and of the MyDesk app in action (do also look out for the overkill of buzzwords that appear near the end of the clip).

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