Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thousands of dead fish seen at Pasir Ris riverbank

SINGAPORE: Residents living near Sungei Api Api in Pasir Ris have been hit by a stinker, after thousands of dead small fish were swept up the banks of the river.

Channel NewsAsia understands that thousands more were also spotted along the banks till Pasir Ris Beach.

It is believed that the dead fish are likely to have been washed up by the tide.

Some residents said they noticed the fishy smell after 3pm on Tuesday.

National water agency PUB is aware of the issue and has begun cleaning works.

Workers were seen scooping up the dead fish and putting them in black plastic bags to be disposed off.

Some residents were bothered by the smell, while others described it as being nothing more than just being in a fish market.

Still, many were surprised, saying it was the first time they have seen such happening.

The river is commonly used for recreational activities such as canoeing and fishing.

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Source From Channel News Asia

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