Thursday, March 29, 2012

Teen gets reformative training for raping schoolmate

SINGAPORE: An 18-year-old boy who raped his good friend four years ago has been sent for reformative training.

He will spend between 18 months and three years at the reformative centre.

The court heard that in February and March 2008, the boy, who was then 14, pretended to be possessed by the "Chinese god of hell".

He told his then good friend, a 14-year-old schoolmate, that if she didn't comply and have sex with him, she and her friends would be punished by the "god".

The boy was inspired by what he saw at a Chinese temple he used to frequent as a child and decided to pretend to be possessed by the "Chinese god of hell" to trick the girls.

He and three other boys used the tactic to get the girls to perform sexual acts on him and his friends on several occasions.

The youngsters cannot be named due to a gag order.

The 18-year-old boy pleaded guilty last year to two counts of rape.

On each count, the highest penalty is 20 years' jail, fine or caning.

In sentencing, the district judge said the offences were committed when the accused was 14.

While probation is usually recommended for young offenders, he said it's not the case here.

The district judge added that the prosecution had urged the court to give a custodial sentence and caning, but he thought this was "excessive".

Still, the judge said these are serious offences and the law does not allow probation to be called in these cases.

He said the community's interest must be kept so he ordered the teenager to be sent for reformative training.

Another boy involved in the case is expected to be sentenced on Friday.

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Source From Channel News Asia

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