Monday, March 26, 2012

Sony is prepping a Chromebook

Sony appears to have a slim, ultraportable laptop in the works. Unfortunately, it's not an Ultrabook, but a Chromebook that runs Google's lightweight, always-connected operating system.

Images revealed by the FCC showed that the Sony Vaio VCC111 appears to be an 11.6-inch laptop with HDMI and USB 2.0 ports. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also supported. The keyboard does not have a Windows key, which indicates that it won't be running Microsoft's OS. If you need further confirmation, the manual also had references to the Chrome OS.

There's speculation that this laptop is powered by an Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, which would be a major difference from the Intel Atom-based Chromebooks that have been launched. It could also mean longer battery life than its competitors. However, there's no official word on the actual specifications.

So far, only Acer and Samsung have released Chromebooks and, with the possible exception of niche areas such as education, these cloud-connected devices haven't exactly taken off in the market. Sony's timing is surprising--it seems to be going ahead with a Chromebook when consumers have mostly shunned them.

Given that it has reached the FCC, the laptop should be available for sale in the next few months at an affordable price--the most expensive Chromebook currently, the Samsung Series 5 3G costs US$420.

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