Friday, March 23, 2012

Shahrizat will remain as head of UMNO Women's Wing: PM Najib

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak said the embattled leader of his party's Women's Wing will stay on in her position. This, despite Shahrizat Abdul Jalil stepping down next month as a cabinet minister due to corruption allegations involving her husband.

The decision was made at a specially convened closed door assembly of the 1.3 million strong Wanita wing.

The backbone of the ruling UMNO party pledged to unite and rally behind Ms Shahrizat in the coming general election, as she survived a leadership challenge within her own party's women's wing.

She received thunderous support from members of the women's wing who wanted her to continue to be their leader, and every time her name was mentioned at the assembly, they clapped and cheered for her.

Speaking after the assembly, Mr Najib said Shahrizat has taken the moral responsibilty to quit the cabinet post, even though her husband was not found guilty of any wrongdoing.

Adding that she was elected by the members of the women's wing, Mr Najib said there is no reason for her to give up that post, because under the party's constitution she has not done anything wrong.

Mr Najib said: "We will ensure that they will work together, closely together as a team. It's important that Wanita, as a wing, is fully intact and able to function well and with full vigour and commitment."

Meanwhile, her deputy Kamilia Ibrahim, who had earlier pressured Ms Shahrizat to step down as she was a liability, has promised to close ranks, unite, and rally behind Ms Shahrizat to ensure victory for UMNO in the coming election.


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