Thursday, March 29, 2012

The secret of Secret revealed

SINGAPORE: What are some of Korean girl group Secret's secrets?

Secret's main vocalist, Song Ji Eun, confessed that the question is the most difficult to answer despite having been asked countless times.

"There is nothing more to reveal. We have revealed all our secrets," quipped Song during the press conference before their first Singapore fan meeting on Friday.

"Should we change our group name?" added the youngest member of the group, Han Sun Hwa, gathering much laughter from the other three members and the media alike.

While Secret professed that they had no secrets left to tell, the local media still managed to squeeze some juicy bits out of the chatty quartet.

Jeon Hyo Sung, leader of the group, was the first to blurt out her secret, "I have flat feet and when I smile, you can see all my teeth," flashing a gummy smile, seemingly with pride.

Han was next in line to share the Secret's secret to stay in shape as the members have been known for their hourglass figures and sexy choreography since their debut in 2009.

"We have lots of dance practices before our album releases and after promotions, we just work out whenever we are free and watch our diets.

"We really love food. When we have food cravings, we just eat smaller portions of it."

"If you try to resist, it will backfire," said Han, as the other members nodded their heads in agreement.

Other than food, the one thing that Secret really loves is fan-written letters ? especially from foreign fans who write letters to them in Korean.

With that, Secret's secrets were all let out of the bag ? or so everyone thought.

The quartet went on to reveal some secrets of their label mate juniors, B.A.P, who had joined them on their Singapore trip.

While Jeon described B.A.P members who have tough and bad boy image, as "toned down and quiet," she quickly revealed that the most playful and noisiest member of the sextet was Kim Him Chan, the vocalist of the group.

"Him Chan was an emcee of a music programme before (he joined B.A.P) so he is always trying to show off what he had learnt before," added Jeon in between fits of laughter.

Playing 'big sister' to the boys seems to have some

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