Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Samsung Smart Interaction video and hands-on

Much has been said about the latest Samsung Smart Interaction capabilities, which usher in a new era of voice-, motion- and face-recognition controls for the chaebol's 2012 smart TVs. We caught the system in action at last week's Samsung forum and here are our early impressions.

Initiating a voice command is fairly straightforward. Firstly, you'll need to say "hi TV" to display a list of options onscreen. These range from powering off the panel to adjusting the TV channel and volume, as well as switching to an exact channel number.

However, the effectiveness of the system is limited by ambient noise with a 50dBA threshold despite the TV's dual microphones. Another shortcoming is language compatibility. Only English is supported at the moment and other major Asian languages will not be catered for until next year.

Smart Interaction's motion-sensing function essentially turns a user's hand into a controller similar to a Microsoft Kinect. Waving your hand in front of the display activates an onscreen cursor and wriggling your fingers performs the selection action. The camera tracked hand movements reasonably well, too.

With face recognition, there's no need to manually log in to apps with a user name and password. The system can also register multiple users simultaneously and display a list of accounts to pick from, though you'll need to associate each app individually with your own "facial" account beforehand.

We'll be looking forward to test Smart Interaction in our Labs, which much closely resembles a home environment.

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