Friday, March 23, 2012

Samsung postpones Android 4.0 for Galaxy Note

Samsung joyously announced today that a new "premium suite upgrade" including Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is headed to Galaxy Note owners sometime in the second quarter. This sounds great, unless you remember that Samsung told us to expect Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy Note in the first quarter of 2012.
With Q1 wrapping up soon, it looks like the announcement of the forthcoming upgrade amounts to a note from Samsung asking Galaxy Note users to please excuse Android 4.0 for being tardy.

According to a statement from Samsung, the upgrade package will also include extra multimedia features and new apps optimized for the Galaxy Note's S Pen stylus. One of the new features is something called S Note that the company says will further integrate written or sketched content with other digital data:

S Note also includes the innovative Shape Match and Formula Match applications that help correct and digitize geometric shapes and even solve numeric formulas hand-drawn with S Pen, increasing your on-the-go efficiency and productivity. You can draw tables and grids which are instantly digitized, saving time and effort. Moreover, by using the S Note's integrated knowledge search engines, users can quickly search, and obtain information.

To help ease the disappointment of the Ice Cream Sandwich delay, Samsung is now offering what's become the standard consolation prize of global digital culture--Angry Birds.

Download the brand new Angry Birds Space and you'll even find special extra levels available just for the Galaxy Note. On top of that, a special package of 30 extra levels can also be accessed free if unpacked in the next three months.

That should serve as a nice distraction while every other phone around you is getting upgraded to Android 4.0, and perhaps even Android 5.0.

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