Friday, March 16, 2012

Rise in jobs related to cloud computing

SINGAPORE : While IT spending is expected to grow by just 16 per cent over the next four years, Singapore could see a 30.6 per cent rise in jobs related to cloud computing.

According to a report by research firm IDC, cloud computing is expected to create over 12,000 new jobs in Singapore by 2015.

The study was commissioned by software giant Microsoft.

The IDC report also showed that cloud computing will create nearly 14 million new jobs globally by 2015. And revenues from cloud innovation could reach US$1.1 trillion per year by 2015.

John F Gantz, chief research officer and senior vice president at IDC, noted that a common misperception about cloud computing is that it is a job eliminator, "but in truth, it will be a job creator - a major one".

He also expects job growth to occur across borders and throughout organisations of all sizes because emerging markets, small cities and small businesses have the same access to cloud benefits as large enterprises or developed nations.

The report also indicated specific industries that will generate job growth at different rates, and that public cloud investments will drive faster job growth than private cloud investments.

China and India are expected to produce nearly 6.8 million cloud-enabled jobs between 2011 and 2015. "We tend to think of China and India as emerging markets, but they are actually early adopters of the cloud," Mr Gantz said.

"They are not bound to existing systems. They have skipped that step, so there is less holding them back," he added.

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