Saturday, March 31, 2012

Preview: Sony Bravia KDL-40NX650

The NX650-series Bravia TVs are the flagship 2D models from Sony's latest HDTV lineup. Their handsome designs and abundant advanced features are key differentiators compared with other equivalent models such as the 2012 Samsung EH6000-series, though there're some areas that are lacking as well. Here's our take on the 40-inch KDL-40NX650. Sony has largely ignored the popular skinny bezel trend and is sticking with its monolithic design. However, the company has augmented the screen's edge-to-edge flat front with an attractive Easel stand. Molded from a chrome-plated bar, the stand gives the impression that the display is sitting on two poles. A six-degree tilt capability ensures an optimal viewing angle when the set is installed on lower TV cabinets, too.

Unlike the Samsung EH6000 which lacks smart TV functions, the KDL-40NX650 supports the latest Sony Entertainment Network platform for accessing apps and has a Web browser, too. Sharing content between Sony products is also greatly simplified via a "Media Throw" option available in custom software used by the company's smartphones, tablets and laptops. Other compatible devices are its HomeShare-series wireless speakers.

Another highlight for this Bravia is its strong connectivity suite. There're two USB ports for connecting a Wi-Fi dongle and Skype camera, as well as four HDMI inputs boasting High-Definition Mobile Link (MHL) compatibility. With MHL, users can simultaneously recharge and play full-HD videos and multichannel sound from mobile devices. Moreover, clips can be selected using the TV remote control.
As much as we like the above extras, there're still two notable omissions. This model does not support a faster 100Hz screen refresh-rate to minimize motion blur and film judder. It's still based on a 50Hz panel and utilizes a proprietary Motionflow technology to reproduce a 100Hz-like movement, according to a Sony representative.
Sony has adopted the newer HTML5 standard instead of Adobe Flash for its latest Web browser. Hence, Flash-based online videos and menus will not display correctly on this panel.
Despite the minor drawbacks, the Sony Bravia KDL-40NX650 should appeal to savvier consumers with all the advanced features such as media sharing and smart TV functions. It will be even more enticing if this Sony can match the Samsung UA40EH6000's S$1,099 price tag, though the 100Hz Korean display should have the upper hand in picture quality.
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