Sunday, March 18, 2012

PLDT, Intel tie-up for premium Ultrabooks and WiFi service

Among all the gadgets that symbolize today's technological 21st century, there's only one that I truly love: The portable machine called a laptop. I can't help but look and marvel at the new laptops and Netbooks prominently displayed in computer shops, even if I feel slightly guilty for being unfaithful to the one laptop I do own. With a laptop, I can stay connected to the Internet and still be able to do all my writing on the go.
Accordingly, Intel came out with a new lineup of laptops in order to pump-up the laptop/Netbook market against the rise of the tablets. Called Ultrabooks, these 13-inch laptops are supposedly the industry's answer to Apple's Mac Air with their thinner, lighter yet high-powered machines. Some of the Intel-powered Ultrabooks include the Acer Aspire S3, the Asus Zenbook and the Samsung Series 5.

Now, what do you with a sexy, powerful laptop? Why, give it a powerful connection to the World Wide Web but with the ability of being mobile courtesy of PLDT WiFi Zones. PLDT's WiFi Zone is a dedicated line for fast Wi-Fi Internet connection but which uses its premium myDSL Internet service so that you can experience it outside your home.

Thus, it's not surprising that Intel and PLDT have partnered up with their two premium products: The Intel Ultrabooks and PLDT's Wifi Zone. This new campaign, called "The New Breed of Wow", is supposed to combine Intel's aim "to set the Ultrabook apart from mainstream computing devices" and PLDT's promise of reliable, high-speed connectivity to subscribers outside their homes.

Citing how Internet growth is being driven largely by content, Intel Philippines country manager Ricky Banaag said, "Intel’s partnership with PLDT addresses a new era of computing experience that is underway, and ensures that the consumer’s expectations for a secure, mobile and powerful device are met through the Ultrabook".

PLDT Retail Business Group Head, Dan Ibarra, said, "With PLDT WiFi Zone*, PLDT subscribers can experience the strong connections they have at home, and they never have to miss out on their broadband experience--premium, fast and unlimited."

It's a good combination, this two: A premium product with a premium service. You would have thought that in the Philippines, it would be better to always go with low-priced products and services. But as is evident by the number of condos being built and the posh mall shops--and even a popular premium ice cream called Magnum by Selecta selling like hotcakes at the start of summer--if the market's right, then premium products and services CAN and WILL sell.

In the meantime, it will be interesting to see how things turn out in the next few months.

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