Monday, March 26, 2012

Meet Singterest, a complete Pinterest clone made for Singapore

Colin Boyd (@digitalrepub) was probably inspired by the other Pinterest clones in the market when he conceived upon the idea of cloning popular picture sharing site, Pinterest, for an Asian-centric audience.
On March 20, the SEO manager at GroupM's Asian branch tweeted his thoughts about the clone, only to change his mind and declare that "it will now be a Pinterest for Singapore only".

Named Singterest, the Web site is not just a clone in name--everything looks the same, even down the way pictures are displayed. However, the only person pinning pictures seems to be Boyd himself at the moment.

It seems that Boyd could have paid US$249 for a "clone script" from, based on a tweet from @GamerZ. It will be interesting to see how Pinterest will react to such "clone sites".

The Web site seems to have been getting a lot of flak online from Singaporeans, as tweets to the Singterest (@singterest) show.

"Just noticed @singterest. Rubbish ripoff. Have some f****** originality and pride", said Gavin Tan (@ultraslacker).

Since then, Boyd, who presumably manages the Singterest Twitter account, has promised changes, and joked that he should have "waited to next week and launched this as an April Fool joke" instead.

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Source From CNET

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