Saturday, March 10, 2012

iPad iPhoto app is a game changer

Nobody can deny that technology has help changed the way photographers do their craft. Gone are the days of film and developer fluid as the masses welcome digital photos and Photoshop corrections. The barriers to entry to become a photographer has been lowered since digital cameras have became more affordable. In some cases, you don't even need a dSLR to make great photos--a simple pocket camera or even a camera phone would do, as the sensors and lens on these small devices get better and better.
But one area that was relatively safe was the photo touch-up artists. Not everyone knows how to use Photoshop, Aperture or Lightroom, the defacto leaders for fixing, manipulating or creating photos. Your picture is a little slanted? The colors or white balance a bit off? The exposure a tad dark? You need to zoom in a little to bring in a better focus to the subject? All those could be fixed after taking the picture.

Most photographers know how to use software to fix their pictures, but not "regular people"--the moms with cameras, the wayward tourist or someone with a camera phone. Their pictures usually stay in the camera or on their computer, untouched, unchanged.

With the upcoming iPad, and more importantly, iPhoto for the iPad, that will no longer be the case.

Now, you can fix your photos on the fly, without a computer or even a mouse, and raise the quality of your photos should you make mistakes. The new app will make it really easy for people to select the best shots, crop photos, fix the white balance, correct exposure, paint in highlights, add special effects and filters, increase saturation of the sky and so much more, by themselves, just with their fingers on the iPad.

Staying up late at night for the video feed to become available of the iPad 3 (sorry, the new iPad--no 3, just iPad) and watching this makes me, an average photographer who can't get those one-shot-one-kill photos (no corrections or photoshopping allowed!), this new tool would make it so much easier to go over my 120GB of photos, toss out the duplicates and useless pictures, and finally compile my portfolio.

And even though launch dates haven't been announced for Indonesia, I would not be surprised if there will suddenly be many day trippers going to Singapore to pick an iPad on March 16.

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